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The Mountain West...Connection: Who to follow on twitter for the casual MWC fan

Chris gives a simple list of MWC must-follows.

If you haven't seen OBNUG's "Twitter 50 and Twitter 100" then you don't know that I'm essentially copying their idea. So that being said, here's a good list of people to follow for MWC type-things:

People on MWCConnection

1. - Our website's official twitter feed, you'll be able to see almost any article written on the Connection linked here, and it is new so make sure you follow it.

2. - Our supreme overlord still has his twitter feed, but this is personal one. Please don't abuse the privilege.

3. - Your humble editor of the Connection, while I do post MWC things, this is also my personal yeah, have fun sifting through the randomness, you nosy bastards.

4. Kenn Rodriguez - doesn't have one yet (get on that Kenn!)

5. - our young hoops writer, handles power rankings and other MWC basketball content

6. - our SDSU writer, Thomas Briggs

7. - our SJSU writer (yes we have one of those, you just haven't been reading the site enough!)

8. - our Fresno State writer FAILCOPTER16 and updater of recruiting chart.

9. - Adam Fox, our New Mexico writer

10. - Pack_Fan, our Nevada writer

11. - our CSU writer

12. - our UNLV writer, rebelfan1

13. - our Air Force writer, airforcetwo

Mountain West Blogs/People - you know, for the times that you want to read something other than us...
14. - the twitter feed for the Boise State SBN blog, One Bronco Nation Under God

15. - the twitter feed for the Wyoming SBN blog, Cowboy Altitude

16. - the twitter feed for San Diego Sports Domination

17. - twitter feed for Aztecs Killing Him, an SDSU blog with a sardonic sense of humor

18. - twitter feed for the Friends of Air Force Basketball (and also Rick's Falcon Review)

** - does a lot of good stuff for Boise State, especially this interview with Austin Pettis

** - Part of Blue Turf Nation'

** - Good message board on New Mexico

General Blogs you should actually keep up on:

19. - twitter feed for Every Day Should Be Saturday

20. - the twitter feed for Mid-Major Madness, a college basketball that covers all mid-majors (except for the MWC, because we're like...a major in basketball)

** - The best (yes we concede to them) college football podcast in the world

** - Not college, but an NFL podcast. These guys always deserve a shoutout

** - Yes a homer, but they produce good content

The Official Mountain West Conference twitter

21. - Official twitter feed for the Mountain West Conference

22. - Official twitter feed for the MWC's men's basketball

23. - Official twitter feed for the MWC's women's basketball

24. - Official twitter feed for the MWC's Olympic Sports

25. - The MWC's official blogger Mick McGrane

26. - The MWC's Executive Producer of the Mountain West Digital Network

Actual Trusted Reporters - if you're into...newsy type things

27. - the twitter feed for Boise State writer, Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman

28. - Chris Murray, the Reno-Gazette Journal's Wolf Pack writer

29. - Ed Graney, Las Vegas Sports Columnist for the LVRJ

30. - CBS Sports Columnist, Bruce Feldman.

** - Football stat nerd, that is not a bad thing

** - THE best college football blogger/writer out there in my opinion, and the original Dr. Saturday.

** - Editor of

** - Another great source for Wyoming sports

** - Covers Boise State for Idaho Statesman

** - We need some Utah State guys, covers Aggies for Salt Lake Tribune

** - Cover Utah State hoops for Cache Valley Daily

** - Covers San Jose State for Bay Area News Group

** - Great job on Colorado State for the Examiner

Do you have a twitter suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!