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VIDEO: Craig Bohl talks about Wyoming job

In his weekly television show, Craig Bohl discussed him taking the Wyoming job and leaving North Dakota State.

Craig Bohl addressed the topic of him taking the Wyoming Cowboys head coaching job during his weekly television appearance Sunday morning. He said he held a private meeting early Sunday morning about his plan to move on, and he felt that he wanted to talk to the media about him leaving North Dakota State before his introductory press conference Sunday night.

"They did not need an emotional message today," Bohl said during his TV show. "I thought it was important to hear the very first thing from their head football coach, as opposed to me being out at Wyoming saying that I'm going to take this job."

Bohl has had a great career at North Dakota State and over the past three years he has had an amazing run by winning back-to-back FCS titles and are undefeated this season, So, there is nothing more to accomplish.

"Once you feel like your work is completed, then it's time for you as a leader to step aside and let somebody else take some changes," Bohl said.

His next challenge at Wyoming will be quite difficult if we wants to transform them into a consistent winner, bowl team and contend for a conference title.