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How did Wyoming land North Dakota State's Craig Bohl?

What did Wyoming do to grab such a good coach in Craig Bohl?

Drew Hallowell

Wyoming seemingly made a great get by prying away North Dakota's Craig Bohl, and according to some coaches they were surprise that Wyoming were able to land Bohl. Most football people felt that if Bohl was going to make the jump to the FBS level it would be for a Midwest job in the Big 12 or Big Ten, so how did Wyoming athletic director Tom Burman land Bohl.

Jim Rose of reports that Burman is planning on putting everything into Wyoming football, and presented a great offer for Bohl.

That is a pretty big investment for Wyoming football, Dave Christensen made just around $1.2 million which was one of the better salaries in the Mountain West. Getting a pay raise for assistant coaches is another great move here because if assistants are paid well enough they are not as likely to jump at the first chance for a promotion or even take the same position at another bigger school.

The private aircraft is nice and a little known fact about Bohl actually has a pilot's license and could theoretically gas up the plane and go on a recruiting trop, and there will be no need to wait around to get the airport.

Burman seems to be going all-in on this next higher with the upgrades that are across the board for the football program, so if this for some reason does not work out then Burman could be out of a job.