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Wyoming hiring of Craig Bohl surprises some college coaches

Some felt that Craig Bohl's took a downgrade when he accepted the Wyoming head coaching job.

The Wyoming Cowboys landed their new head coach when they snagged North Dakota State's Craig Bohl to replace the fired Dave Christensen. Bohl has had amazing success at the FCS level with back-to-back national titles and they are undefeated and in the quarterfinals of the 2013 FCS playoffs.

However, some college coaches are not sold on why Bohl's would leave North Dakota State for Wyoming, even though it is a step up in competition and pay.

Those are some pretty damning comments from other coaches saying that North Dakota State has "better everything" than Wyoming, but the difference is probably better pay and a chance for Bohl to prove himself at the FBS level. The second tweet about recruit is not too surprising because some players who know they are not going to the NFL will go to a place they can win and get some early playing time.

Just looking at the current 2014 class at North Dakota State, it is the best in the Missouri Vally Conference including a three-star player. Plus, their class is ranked 117th in all of Division I while Wyoming's is currently has three recruits but is 152nd in Division. There may be some truth to those coaches comments, but the likely reason for Bohl to head to Wyoming is the tougher competition, and the extra money that goes wit that.