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North Dakota State's Craig Bohl to be named Wyoming coach, per report

North Dakota State's Craig Bohl is expected to be named the next Wyoming head coach.

Tim Heltman -- USA TODAY Sports

Out of all of the names that were floated to be the next Wyoming head coach, North Dakota State's Craig Bohl was mentioned somewhat in passing by Coaching Sewrch. However,  Bohl is to be introduced as the next head coach for Wyoming, according to Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports.

Wyoming has scheduled a 7 p.m. ET to more than likely announce that Bohl as their new head cosch replacing the recently fired Dave Christensen. Bohl has been a dominant force coaching at North Dakota State where he has won the kast two FCS championships and this year is 12-0 and in the quarter finals this year.

Bohl is a former Nebraska player and defensive coach who has a reputation for developing tough teams and also a knack for recruiting the right players. That was enough to convince the Wyoming decision makers that he woud be the right guy to lead Wyoming.