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Wyoming coaching search: Bob Stitts is not a finalist for position

Colorado School of Mines Bob Stitts is not in the running for the Wyoming head coaching job.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The Wyoming Cowboys search for a head coach has narrowed down to three and maybe four names, but one of the names that is not included on that list is Colorado School of Mines Bobb Stitts. Stitts was reportedly interested in the job but Wyoming athletic director Tom Burman said that Stitts did not make the cut because he is "concerned about winning the press conference."

Burman should be concerned with winning football games and not the press conference. Perhaps Burman made that statement because he does not think Stitts would be a good hire from the fan base or because he has been coaching from the Division II ranks. Regardless of level Stitts has completely turned around Colorado School of Mines by having winning seasons and playoff appearances during his tenure, and prior to his arrival there was no such thing as a winning tradition.

Burman is more concerned about his own job and does not want to take a risk on hiring a relatively unknown coach to take over his Wyoming program. If Stitts were hired and then fails miserably then Burman would likely also be out of a job.

Here is what Burman said for what he wants in a coach:

"You would always like to have people that are as good with (public relations) as possible, but there are highly successful coaches around the country that coach in front of packed stadiums that are not the most socially successful people," Burman said. "That should be part of the equation, but the most important part is to find a coach that can put a product on the the field that people want to see."

The second part of that quote seems more of what Wyoming should be doing, and Stitt's offense would be able to attract players to play and fans to the stadium to see his high scoring offense.

The coaches that are in the running are Sam Houston State's Willie Fritz, Oakland Raiders wide receiver's coach Ted Gilmore and possibly former Cal head coach Jeff Tedford. The reason that Tedford is now considered a possible candidate is that he could be waiting it out and see if Fresno State's Tim DeRuyter could be heading to another job. Tedford coached and played at Fresno State and he may rather have that head coaching job instead of Wyoming.

One wildcard name could be former Kasnas head coach Mark Mangino.