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Reaction to Chris Petersen leaving Boise State for Washington

Here are some reactions from former Chris Petersen players and others.

Ethan Miller

Chris Petersen leaving Boise State to Washington was shocking to pretty much everyone around. So, here are some of the reactions from across the web about the move.

OBNUG has some thoughts on Petersen leaving, mostly in GIF form freaking out, but here is what said.

It was bound to happen, and it couldn't have happened to a better guy or a less loathsome team/city. However, this remains the calm and rational perspective. Who has time for calm and rational perspectives? Coach Pete is gone! Boise State is rudderless! The state of Idaho has lost its identity!

Here a few of many that the Idaho Statesman has rounded up:

Leon Rice, men's basketball coach

"He was one of the reasons I came here - what he built here, what he and Barb have done in the community and the leadership they provide this community, all their charitable events they work with, all the great things they do, all the things he's done to build this football program to a national level."

Winston Venable, former player

"I know Boise has been up-and-coming for year and years even before Pete got there. But they're definitely losing a team leader - the leader - and it's going to be a tough loss for Boise. Somebody's going to step in there and they're going to know they have some big shoes to fill and because of that they'll give their best effort and bring whatever they have to the table and Boise will be all right.

I think Coach Pete laid down a foundation for Boise and the Boise players. They'll have that in their heart going through the rest of their four years. All the kids that the coaches recruited, they'll have a little bit of Coach Petersen in them and they'll be all right."

Mark Coyle, Boise State athletic director

"We wish Chris Petersen and his family all the best in their future endeavors. Chris is an outstanding coach and role model, and we know he'll be successful at Washington. We have started a national search for our next head football coach at Boise State and will work tirelessly to find the perfect fit to continue the ascension of Bronco football."