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Boise State names LB coach Bob Gregory interim head coach for bowl game

Bob Gregory will lead Boise State in their bowl game as interim head coach.


So much for everyone who said that Chris Petersen's contract required for him to coach in whatever bowl game that Boise State would be going to. Things changed with Petersen and the athletic department calling it a mutual decision to not have a former coach be on the sidelines for a bowl game. That is clearly the right call on both sides.

As for who will coach the bowl game, the higher ups at Boise State have called upon a defensive coach to be the interim coach for the Broncos bowl game.

Despite being 'just' the linebackers coach, Gregory was named the assistant head coach in 2012, and this is his second stint and fourth year with the Boise State. He was the defensive coordinator in 2001 before going to Cal for the same position up until 2009, and that is when he came back to Boise State as the linebackers coach.

It is curious to see that neither offensive coordinator Robert Prince or defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski were chosen to lead this team into a bowl game.