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Chris Petersen does not take flight back to Seattle, remains Boise State head coach for now

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen does not leave for Seattle late Thursday night.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The college football world -- more specifically Twitter -- blew up Thursday night when everyone caught wind that Washington athletic director Scott Woodward was en route to Boise State to interview Chris Petersen. Woodward was in Boise State for a 90 minute with Petersen, and possibly even spoke to Boise State athletic director Mark Coyle left the Broncos basketball game at the half.

With Woodward coming to Petersen's home turf it showed that Washington was serious and that Petersen is in control and comfortable with Boise State. The interview took place and when the plane left Petersen was not one of the two passengers.

This does not mean Petersen has turned down Washington, however it does seem to look that way. The reason Woodward took this late night flight to Boise was to get Petersen back in town to Seattle and introduce him as the new Washington Huskies head football coach on Friday.

For now, Petersen is still the head coach at Boise State.