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Mountain West championship 2013: Fresno State to wear all-black uniforms

Being the home team for the Mountain West title game, Fresno State opts to wear their all-black combination.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Being the home team for the Mountain West title game gives Fresno State the option to pick and choose what uniform combination that they will wear Saturday night.

The Bulldogs have chosen to go with their all-black combination. Some like them and some hate them, but here is another look of that combination for those who may have missed it the first time that they wore it this year.

The only other time that Fresno State wore this combination of uniforms was against Nevada on Nov. 2, and that worked out well for Fresno State who won 41-23.

The all-black combination could be for some good luck since they did beat the Wolf Pack, but more than likely it will be used to sell some jerseys or a black out for the stadium to create a great atmosphere.