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Could June Jones be heading back to Hawaii?

June Jones has not had great success at SMU, so could he be heading back to Hawaii?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

June Jones left Hawaii right after their undefeated run to the Sugar Bowl back in 2007 for what pretty much seemed to be a lateral move to SMU then of Conference USA, and now the American. While Jones has brought SMU to new heights including four bowl games with a 3-1 record; if SMU wins their game on Saturday against UCF that would be five bowl appearances. Despite Jones going to four straight bowl games ever in the programs history, and the first since 1984 people are not happy.

Football Rumor Mill is reporting that multiple sources are saying that Jones may resign or be fired by the end of the season. That same source is saying that Hawaii's Norm Chow is "weary of the job already" and the school would not lose any sleep over not having Chow. Put that together and there are rumors that Jones could be heading back to the islands.

However, that might not be the best idea. Our very own Chris Hondros pointed out that Jones was instrumental in changing the Hawaii name from Rainbow Warriors to Warriors back in 2001. The name has since been changed back as of earlier this year.

Junes also changed music that was played and some game day items that went away from what Hawaii has down over the course of their football history.

As of now Hawaii has a head coach and Jones still has a head coaching job, but it would not come as a surprise that the Rainbow Warriors would be looking for a new head coach since Chow has vastly underachieved with a 4-2 record in two years.