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Washington has interest in Fresno State's Tim DeRuyter

Washington is looking for a new head coach, and Fresno State's Tim DeRuyter is being considered.

Kevin Casey

Fresno State's Tim DeRutyer is busy preparing his team for the Mountain West title game, so having his name linked to the open position at Washington is a distraction the team does not need.

Two of those three names are already secured their position at other locations, and another name that has been linked is Boise State's Chris Petersen who is reportedly willing to listen.

DeRuyter has been a hot coaching candidate after his first year at Fresno State saw him lead Fresno State to a share of the Mountain West title and a 9-4 record. His turnaround was impressive when one considers that the year prior under former head coach Pat Hill they went 4-9, and DeRutyer largely had the same players including quarterback Derek Carr.

Also to consider is that DeRuyter was close to taking the Colorado job last season, and Washington is a much better job. If DeRuyter were to leave this would be a decent time to do it since he is losing Carr to the NFL Draft.