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2013 Hawaii Bowl: Joe Southwick sent home for peeing off balcony

Was Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick really sent home from the Hawaii bowl for peeing off a balcony?

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick was sent home from Friday night from the Hawaii Bowl for an unspecified violation of team rules. Word broke late Sunday night that Southwick was sent home for peeing off a balcony, yes that is correct.

Southwick denied he was involved in this incident and once he was back in Boise he took a lie detector and passed; plus he tried to plead with Boise State officials before he had to get on a plane back to Boise.

Who knows what really happened in Hawaii, but it sounds like that someone did urinate off a balcony -- whether it was Southwick or not -- plus there is a high probability that alcohol was likely involved.

This doesn't change that fact that Boise State is going to start Grant Hedrick against Oregon State, but the real issue is the depth where Nick Patti has very little experience at the college level.

Here is video of Southwick telling his side of the story: