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2013 Las Vegas Bowl; USC vs. Fresno State halftime score: Trojans dominating Bulldogs, 35-6

Nothing is going well for Fresno State as they are getting dominated by USC after one half of play.

Stephen Dunn

Saying Fresno State is being outplayed by USC in the Las Vegas Bowl would be quite the understatement. The Trojans are dominating the Bulldogs 35-7 at the half and the large deficit is because USC's defensive line is getting tremendous pressure on quarterback Derek Carr and the Fresno State secondary is not holding their own at all against any USC receivers. Also, Fresno State seems to have forgotten to tackle, too.

USC quarterback Cody Kessler has thrown four touchdowns on 14 of 18 completions with 243 yards; Carr on the other hand is only 17 of 32 for 125 yards and a touchdown. Carr has overthrown multiple wide receivers either from pressure from a defensive player or even just the threat of a defensive player. The offensive line for the Bulldogs is just getting overmatched in every single way and credit must be given to USC's defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast who despite likely being a lame duck coordinator has dialed up a very good game plan to stop the high powered Fresno State offense.

The secondary for Fresno State has also been pretty shoddy and it is not just one USC receiver that is beating the defensive backs. Seven USC receivers have caught a pass with Marquis Lee and Nelson Agholor leading the way with each having four receptions and two touchdowns.

Fresno State must have some major game plan changes in the locker room during the half. There needs to be better protection for Carr first and foremost, and that might be able to be achieved if  they actually run the ball more than the three times they did in the first half.

This 29-point deficit likely seems too much to overcome in the second half, but this is bowl season and stranger things have happened.