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Boise State to the AAC?

No, but it could find itself in one of their bowls if Rutgers and/or SMU lose this weekend

Compass Bowl, Birmingham, AL
Compass Bowl, Birmingham, AL
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State could find itself heading to a bowl outside the MWC, according to MW commissioner Craig Thompson. The Idaho Statesman is reporting that discussions of sending the Broncos to an outside bowl are ongoing.

It is either that or one of the Mountain West teams could be left out of a bowl game. Seven teams are qualified for six bowl spots. They are Fresno State (11-1), Utah State (8-4), Boise State (8-4), San Diego State (7-5), UNLV (7-5), Colorado State (7-6) and San Jose State (6-6).

The MWC champion will play in the Las Vegas Bowl as their #1 pick and the Poinsettia would take the #2. After that, the remaining four bowls would have their pick in no particualr order. All four are owned by ESPN and they will decide the best matchups for their needs. That would leave an odd-man-out, scenario. But that problem could be solved if Thompson has his way and can send Boise to the East Coast.

“ Boise State is extremely marketable and there has been some interest in putting them outside of the Mountain West bowls,” Thompson said. “… People are interested in Boise State.”

That idea could have a ground-swell of support if Rutgers (5-6) and/or SMU (5-6) lose this weekend. Right now the American Conference has only only four bowl teams to fill six slots.

It will be late Saturday or early Sunday, following the Fresno State-Utah State championship game, before the Mountain West completes its bowl-selection process and to see if Thompson can pull it off. Until then, Boise fans should hold off packing their bags in the possibility the Broncos could end up in BBVA Compass Bowl (Birmingham, Ala.), opposite Mississippi State of the SEC.