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Dave Christensen was fired from Wyoming, did not resign

Early reports suggest that Dave Christensen resigned as Wyoming's head coach, but in fact he was fired.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

The first reports to come out of Laramie, Wyo., on Sunday morning were that Dave Christensen was resigning as the Cowboys head coach, but that is not the case as Christensen has been fired by the school.

Athletic director Tom Burman made the decision to cut Christensen loose, and here is the press release about the decision:

"We have come to a point where our football program has not achieved at the level of success that we expect, and we know from past experience that we can be successful," said Burman. "It is with that in mind that we move forward in search of a new leader for Cowboy Football.

"We want to thank Coach (Dave) Christensen and his family for their five years of service to the University of Wyoming."

His current contract has three years remaining on it, and was scheduled to run through Dec. 31, 2016. Under the terms of his contract, the University of Wyoming will pay him his base salary of $190,008 for the remaining three years of his contract for a total of $570,024. The buyout will be paid with non-state dollars.

Christensen had a similar record to his predecessor Joe Glenn in 27-35 and he did make a pair of bowl appearances. The firing likely comes due to how the team melted down at the end of the 2013 season

Wyoming now has to decide what direction it wants to go with a new head coach. Do they go after an up and coming coordinator, a head coach at a lower level or maybe a current out of work head coach similar to New Mexico who hired Bob Davie two years ago.