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Boise State running back Aaron Baltazar to transfer

Freshman running back Aaron Baltazar is leaving the Boise State program.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State running back Aaron Baltazar has elected to transfer from the Bronco program after just one season, and he did not give any reason for leaving. Baltazar's season was cut short to injury, but he was having a solid season with 234 yards and two touchdowns on just 50 carries.

Baltazar was creeping in on some of starting running back Jay Ajayi's carries before his season-ending injury. There is also no word on why he Is leaving the program, or where he will continue his college career. One place that Baltazar will not be going is to Washington as Chris Petersen said he will not accept any Boise State transfers.

Out of high school Baltazar had offers from Cincinnati, San Diego State, UCLA, and Washington;  plus he was getting interest from Alabama, Auburn and Notre Dame.

Washington is off the table and more than likely San Diego State since that would be an in-conference move which would cost him a year of eligibility.