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Craig Bohl wins FCS coach of the year

Wyoming is getting more publicity as their new head coach Craig Bohl was named the FCS coach of the year.

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Drew Hallowell

The Wyoming Cowboys are getting plenty of publicity for their university, and they do not even have to spend any money for it. New head coach Craig Bohl, who is still coaching his FCS giant North Dakota State, just won the Eddie Robinson coach of the year, again, which goes to the top coach at the FCS level.

Bohl is currently leading his North Dakota State team in the quarterfinals of the FCS playoffs with an undefeated Bison team.

"Typically, the part of the country we're from, we're going to have to leverage the fact that we've got a lot of big, strong kids," said Bohl, the Missouri Valley coach of the year for three straight seasons. "We don't have an abundant amount of speed in our geographical area; it doesn't mean we don't have some speed on our football team. But we looked at that and said for us to be successful, we're going to have to be a hard-nosed, physical, disciplined team. We're not a lot of bells and whistles, we're not a spread offense, we're not a real flashy defense. We just play physical, disciplined football. So far, it's worked well for us."

That type of mentality is what Bohl needs to bring with him to Wyoming and win some games. The talent in the Wyoming area is thin as it is in North Dakota but still winning a FCS title for three-straight years with very little local talent means that Bohl is one heck of a coach.

Wyoming fans, players, recruits and administration should be cheering for Bohl to keep having his North Dakota State team keep on winning which will keep the Wyoming's name in the news.