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Utah State announces 2014 non-conference schedule

Utah Stae's 2014 non-conference schedule which features five games due to their trip to Hawaii

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Utah State has finalized their 13-game 2014 schedule by landing their fifth and final non-conference game which wil be a home game against Wake Forest. This is the first time an ACC school will come to Logan, Utah, and the game will be played on Sept. 13, 2014.

Utah State had some major roadblocks in getting their 2014 non-conference schedule due to moving from the WAC to the Mountain West, and Utah getting out of their game for next season:

"We had major holes to fill in 2014 caused by the Mountain West flipping Boise State from a non-conference home game to a conference road game and Utah buying out of our home game," said USU Vice President and Director of Athletics Scott Barnes. "After 18 months of searching we are excited to be able to fill one of the open slots with an ACC opponent. I know our fans will enjoy seeing that level of competition at home next year. It will be a fun challenge that our student-athletes will look forward to as well."

The other four non-conference games are at BYU, at Arkansas State, at Tennessee and a home game against Idaho State. The Aggies get five non-conference games since they go to Hawaii, and the additional home game allows them to make up for the expensive trip to Hawaii.

The 2014 schedule overall for Utah State could be the most difficult ever for the Aggies, and the friend Mountain West schedule they had in 2013 will now be a difficult road slate.

The dates for the conference games have not been announced but the teams and location have been. Those league games are as follows: Air Force, New Mexico, San Jose State and UNLV will travel to Logan, and then Utah State will travel to Boise State, Colorado State, Hawaii, and Wyoming.

Head coach Matt Wells knows the next season will be a huge step up from the 2013 slate.

"Our 2014 schedule will be extremely challenging for our players and coaches as we open our season at Tennessee and play four road games against bowl teams from a year ago" Wells said in the release.

Yup, that is a tough schedule.