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Boise State coaching search: Dirk Koetter getting second interview, Justin Wilcox has options

Boise State's coaching search heats up with another interview with Dirk Koetter and Justin Wilcox is still in the mix.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Former Boise State head coach and current Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter did so well on his first phone interview that he is getting a second interview, according to Jeff Caves of 93.1 The Ticker in Boise.

Cave also has a bunch of other interview details as well a lot from Justin Wilcox.

There have not been a lot of successful repeat coaches, and the only two that have done a great job are Chris Ault of Nevada and Bill Snyder of Kansas State; the bad side of that is John Robinson who coached USC twice and the second time was pretty bad.

The interesting part of Cave's tweet is that Wilcox could bring in defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi and offensive coordinator Eric Keisau. The big hire would be Lupoi who is considered this great recruiting coach and Cal was very upset when they lost out on him to Washington. At Washington, Lupoi is/was the defensive line coach so if he comes to Boise State is because it seems logical that he would be the defensive coordinator.

Coaching Search is also reporting that Wilcox will be meeting with Chris Petersen on Tuesday about him staying on as the defensive coordinator at Washington.

A lot of moving parts with a trio of interviews for the Boise State job on Tuesday.