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Wyoming's Dave Christensen to resign as head coach, per reports

After five years of up and down success, Dave Christensen is reportedly to step down as head coach.

Otto Kitsinger III

Dave Christensen came to Wyoming five years ago from Missouri and implemented his spread and fast past attack to Laramie, Wyo., but with limited success. Now, Football Scoop is reporting that Christensen will be resigning from his post.

Christensen has amassed a 27-33 record during his time at Wyoming, two winning seasons and went 1-1 in bowl games. This year was to be different though with a great offense led by quarterback Brett Smith and wide receiver Robert Herron. Even with an early season loss to Nebraska there was hope for a good season for the Cowboys.

Wyoming started the season with a 4-2 record which included an odd loss to Texas State, but the second half of the season went down hill quickly. The defense fell off the rails and Christensen fired defensive coordinator Chris Tormey after giving up 50 points in back-to-back games, but that did not help as the defense gave up 48, 48, 56 and 37 points to end the season.

The one win in their final six games was a wild overtime shootout win against Hawaii, and despite all of the issues in the second half of the year Wyoming had a shot at being bowl eligible in the season finale against Utah State, but they lost to finish 5-7.