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SJSU Halts UNLV Comeback To Seal Victory

SJSU managed to halt the surging UNLV to seal the victory the Spartans thought they had at the half.

Ethan Miller

So, here's the thing. I left work at around 3PM, immediately tuned into the radio to see how the game was going. I was right about the end of half time and the score was 24-3 SJSU. My first thought was that the SJSU defense was finally stepping up, and I was feeling fairly confident in the San Jose Spartans. I headed to the nearest sports bar to watch the second half. I parked, left the vehicle, confirmed that they did not, in fact, have the SJSU vs UNLV game on TV, then returned to my car to find a video feed elsewhere. I turn on the radio and...

24-17, UNLV had cashed in on an David Fales interception and had scored a touchdown on their next possession.

UNLV's defense came out swinging after the half and held the Spartans to 0 points in the third quarter. The UNLV offense, led by the efficient if not flashy UNLV quarterback Caleb Herring, scored 3 touchdowns in the second half, but was finally staved off by a San Jose Defense which knew that UNLV's only option was to pass the ball deep.

Quarterback Controversy in SJSU?

Tight end Billy Freeman matched David Fales in touchdowns today, each scoring one apiece. Billy Freeman however did not throw two interceptions. Clearly SJSU Ron Caragher has some decisions to make at quarterback.

Not really. Well... Nah, not really. David Fales had an off day. 15 for 30 for only 150 yards and two interceptions. It looked like UNLV was keying in on stopping David Fales' passing game by keeping tight coverage on his receivers. UNLV's secondary provided David Fales with his worst game yet by focusing on stopping the pass. Ron Caragher was probably pretty happy about this: "Look! Another opportunity to show off my power running game that everyone was making fun of!"

Run Offense and Run Defense

If you hadn't watched the UNLV game and you were told that in a game of SJSU vs. UNLV that one team had 312 yards rushing and one team had 86 yards rushing, then was asked which team got which amount of yards, you'd probably be pretty confident that UNLV had the higher number. You'd be wrong though. The UNLV Rebel's were unable to contain both Fales AND freshman unscholarshipped Jarrod Lawson who ran for 187 yards. Thomas Tucker also had a good day, breaking off a 30 yard run for a touchdown and finishing with nearly 100 yards rushing.

In addition, the San Jose Spartan defense was able to hold the UNLV Rebels who average 185 yards rushing a game to just 86. Every game the Spartans seem to take steps forward on defense, though it remains to be seen whether they are going to be the dominant team everyone expected them to be at the start of the season.