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USAA paid for Air Force's travel to Navy

The mysterious donor to allow Air Force to travel to Navy was the USAA.

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Air Force and Navy are well underway, but the way the Falcons made it to play in Annapolis, Md., has been a mystery, well that is until now. The United Services Automobile Association which is an insurance company that caters to the armed forces stepped up and paid for Air Forces travel, per USA Today.

The game was in jeopardy of not being played due to the government shutdown, and that restricted Air Force upperclassmen from traveling. USAA which is a major sponsored ponied up the entire travel cost of $230,000, and this was much more than what Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation CEO Derm Coll was expecting:

"I was expecting we'd get $50,000 or $100,000," Coll said. "They came back and said they're picking up the whole thing; let's get this game going, it's important for us to support the military."

It is a great thing that USAA did to allow Air Force to travel for this important game against Navy. Even though USAA was going to donate the money there was still some legal things to ironed out to make sure it was all right for these funds to be used. The final say came from the Department of Defense and they ultimately said that these funds were going to be allowed to get Air Force across the country.

Even though this game against Navy is currently going on, future games are still in doubt as the government is at a standstill.

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