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Chuckie Keeton injury update: Officials fear torn ACL, MCL for star quarterback

School officials fear that Chuckie Keeton has a torn ACL and MCL.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

LOGAN, Utah – Utah State starting quarterback Chuckie Keeton left the game against BYU in the first quarter after being tackled by Kyle Van Noy, and the worst is feared. Keeton is out of uniform and on crutches along the Utah State bench.

School officials were being quiet during halftime on Keeton's injury, but now they are saying that the fear is a torn ACL and MCL, plus an MRI is still pending. If the torn ligaments are confirmed then Keeton very likely will not be able to get a medical redhsirt since this is his sixth game of the season. Before Keeton left the game he was a modest 4 of 10 for 26 yards with a touchdown and an interception, which was returned by Kyle Van Noy for a pick-six. Also, Keeton rushed for 17 yards on three attempts.

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In Keeton's place is junior Craig Harrison and he is obviously not the same player as Keeton. He is not playing terrible but does not have the same athleticism nor passing ability. Through midway in the third quarter Harrison has completed 12 of 22 passes for 87 yards, and 22 yards on the ground.

Keeton back on the sideline, via SBN:


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