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Week 6 MWC Friday Night Thread


Come on in everyone, and welcome to our Friday Night Open Thread! The BYU-Utah State game should be an intense one, as should the Nevada-San Diego State game. The beverages are in the refrigerator and pizza's on the table. Just give me a couple bucks to help with the cost.

For everyone that is new to Mountain West Connection, this is a live chat, which means that you must register in order to comment on the site. You can create an account HERE, and you can sign up with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google+ log in details, as well. There's really no excuse for not signing up and leaving your thoughts, so come join in on the conversation!

Here's the list of tonight's games:

Friday, October 4, 2013 TV/Web Time (EST/PST)
BYU at Utah State CBS Sports Network 8:00/5:00
Nevada at San Diego State ESPN/WatchESPN 9:00/6:00

So go ahead, position yourself comfortably on the couch and kick your feet back. Keep your laptop on the coffee table, the TV loud and join in!