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25 must watch Mountain West non-conference basketball games

Here are the 25 Mountain West Conference non-conference basketball games you don't want to miss!


With the start of the 2013-2014 Mountain West basketball season upon us there is no shortage of dramatic story lines; Boise State basketball, Steve Alford leaves the Lobos for UCLA, UNLV locks up cast-off talent, Wyoming a long shot at a title, San Diego State continuity and consistency, can Larry Eustachy rebuild the Rams and where does Utah State fall into the mix? Plenty to talk about in the Mountain West.

But how about the 2013-2014 MWC non-conference schedule? Here are the 25 must watch basketball games, check your local listings!

1. New Mexico vs. Kansas, 12/14 in Kansas City, KS

2. San Diego State vs. Arizona, 11/14 at Viejas Arena

3. UNLV vs. Arizona, 12/7 in Tucson, AZ

4. Boise State vs. Kentucky, 12/10 in Lexington, KY

5. San Diego State vs. Kansas, 1/5 in Lawrence, KS

6. New Mexico vs. Marquette, 12/21 at the MGM Hotel

7. San Diego State vs. Creighton/ASU 11/29 in the Wooden Classic

8. Wyoming vs. Ohio State, 11/25 in Columbus, OH

9. UNLV vs. ASU, 11/19 at Thomas & Mack

10. UNLV vs. Illinois, 11/26 at Thomas & Mack

11. New Mexico vs. Cincinnati, 12/7 in the Pit

12. San Diego State vs. Washington, 12/8 at Viejas

13. Wyoming vs. Colorado, 11/13 in Boulder, CO

14. Utah State vs. BYU, 11/30 in Salt Lake City

15. Colorado State vs. Gonzaga, 11/11 in Spokane

16. Boise State vs. St. Mary's, 12/14 at Taco Bell Arena

17. Colorado State vs Colorado, 12/3

18. UNLV vs. Santa Clara, 12/22

19. Nevada vs. UCLA, 11/20

20. Fresno State vs. Pitt, 11/2

21. Fresno State vs. Florida, 12/21

22. Nevada vs. Missouri 11/29

23. Utah State vs. USC, 11/8

24. Wyoming vs. SMU, 12/20

25. SJSU vs. Santa Clara, 11/22