Battle for the Fremont Cannon

University of Nevada athletics

Kickoff Time: 3 p.m. PT on Saturday at Mackay Stadium.

Where to watch? ESPN3.

Every year Nevada(UNR) and UNLV(Nevada Southern) meet up for the most expensive trophy in college football. The Fremont Cannon is college football's most expensive trophy, and I am proud to say that it is one that is dear to the hearts of any fan of Nevada/UNLV fans. Nevada holds the edge 23–15 and the first meeting was in 1969. This will be the 38th meeting between these two schools. The cannon has been blue now for 8 years straight. Will the cannon be going back with UNLV to Las Vegas? only time will tell.

3 Keys for Nevada

2nd half - Nevada is a terrible 2nd half team, example last week in Boise. If they can keep playing well into the home stretch it will be fine for them.

Homecoming - A big crowd will be there, the student body will be there to support Nevada, and they need to use their home field advantage.

Forget Boise Game - I know that you guys had the lead going into halftime, but you have to look forward and not backward.

3 keys for UNLV

Be the better team - I honestly cried after watching you guys lose last season I thought it was all over them, UNR came back. You guys have to score and keep in the game, don't take anything for granted.

Tim Cornett - if he is healthy enough he might get UNLV the cannon for the first time since 2004. His knee was injured during the Fresno game.

Caleb Herring - Needs to play like he did during the first 4 game winning streak since '84.

Predictions - UNLV 14 - UNR 7

Hauck is off the hot seat and Brian Polian is on the hot seat