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Air Force and Navy will in fact play college football this Saturday

The AP is reporting that the Secretary of Defense has approved play of the service academies.

Ethan Miller

The Air Force and Navy game is on, for real this time. The Associated Press is reporting that the Secretary of Defense has approved the service academies to be able to play their scheduled college football games this Saturday:

A senior defense official says U.S. military academy football teams will be on the field this weekend, despite the ongoing government shutdown.

The official said Wednesday the decision affects this weekend's games only, and future games will be evaluated as events unfold in the coming days.

With the United States government shutdown all intercollegiate games were put on ice, and putting Air Force and Navy in serious jeopardy of not happening. Now, Air Force will be allowed to travel to Annapolis, Md., to take on Navy at 11:30 a.m. ET on CBS this Saturday, as will Boston College vs. Army.

These games are being played due to not0appropriated being provided to help pay for the cost, in other words someone from the private sector stepped up to make sure these games were played.

There is no word on the status of future games for Air Force or the other service academies. The Falcons next game comes quickly on Thursday, Oct. 10 at home against San Diego State, but then they are off until they host Notre Dame on Oct. 26. Perhaps by that game in late October the government will be back up and running, and not affecting our college football.