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Government approves Air Force, service academies to play all sports through October

Air Force and the other service academies can play football through October even if the government is shutdown.

Ethan Miller

The United States government shutdown has caused a havoc on armed forces intercollegiate activities, including football. While it has been week-to-week for football and a no-go for other sports, all NCAA sports are able to compete with no complication's through the month of October, per Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

This is good news for all sports who have been either practicing with new coaches since current one's have been on furlough, or the football teams who have been practicing as if a game is going to be played but full well knowing that a game might not be played.

For Air Force this means they are good to for Thursday night's game against San Diego State as well as their Oct. 26 home game against Notre Dame. If the government shutdown continues into November then we will be back to the wait and see game on the status of armed forces football, and at that time basketball as well. So it is good to see a resolution has been made through the rest of October.

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