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Non-government funds could allow Air Force and Navy to play Saturday

There is a plan in place to use non-government funds to allow Saturday's Air Force and Navy game to play on.


The government shutdown's trickle effect has made its impact on the college football world putting intercollegiate sporting events to be placed on hold, and that includes Air Force's trip to Navy on Saturday in football. Air Force is looking at alternate ways to make sure this game is being played, and that includes using non-government funds to get the Falcons to Annapolis, Md., to play Navy on Saturday.

Sports information director Troy Garnhart has said, "Right now we're not playing the game." Yet, a military source is saying it is a toss up that alternate funds are attempted to be gathered up to be able to play this game:

"50/50 chance" that the game will be played with conference fees, conference TV money and ticket revenue making up for a lack of government funding. If that falls through and the government remains shut down by 10 a.m. Thursday, the game will be cancelled or postponed.

Hopefully, there can be a way to get this game going but it could just be a temporary situation if this government shutdown goes more than a week.

According to the Department of Defense, all intercollegiate sporting events from the service academies has been canceled, so even if Air Force can travel to Navy who knows what will happen when these service academies play home games against non-service academy teams.

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