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Duke could host Fresno State on Oct. 12 if game against Navy is canceled due to government shutdown

Fresno State has a glimmer of hope to get a 12th game on the schedule.


Fresno State has been fruitlessly searching for a 12th game ever since its matchup against Colorado was postponed due to flooding in Colorado. Colorado ended up scheduling Charleston Southern to get them to a 12th game, so a makeup date is now out of the question.

However, there is a little bit of hope that Fresno State could get a 12th game on the schedule, and against a BCS team as well. The U.S. government shutdown is putting football games from the service academies in question for this weekend and beyond.

This affects Fresno State because Duke hosts Navy on Oct. 12 and if the shutdown is not resolved in time for that game then Duke could host Fresno State on that same day, according to Adam Gold of 99.9 FM The Fan in Raleigh, N.C.

Keeping this in sports terms only, this would be good news for Fresno State to be able to get a 12th game on the schedule, and even though Duke is not an amazing team they are from a BCS league and will be probably as helpful as playing Colorado. Plus, would be a very winnable game for Fresno State.

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