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Air Force vs. Navy game could be canceled due to government shutdown

Air Force and Navy are scheduled to play Saturday at 11:30 a.m. ET, but since the U.S. government is shutdown the game may not be played.

Chip Somodevilla

Air Force vs. Navy football does not get the same respect as the Army-Navy game played despite Air Force being typically the better program than Army over the past decade. However, this upcoming schedule matchup that kicks off the Commander-in-Chief trophy between the Midshipmen and the Falcons could be in jeopardy of being canceled since the United States government is officially shutdown.

While this is not the place to delve deep into politics, but since this is the rare time that sports and politics cross over we must deal with it.

The government shutdown places thousands of government employees out of work and while the cadets at Air Force are not employees, the issue with this game being canceled is due to the status of upper-level cadets who may not be able to travel:

Troy Garnhart, associate athletic director for Air Force, said there was a chance the game could not be played.

"It is a possibility," Garnhart said.

Garnhart explained that upper-class cadets at the Air Force Academy are considered military personnel, which means they could be subject to travel restrictions under the shutdown.

Scott Strasemeier, Naval Academy associate athletic director, could not confirm Tuesday morning whether the game will take place.

Everything seems to be up in the air and it would be a shame that due to the United States government can't agree on something and that this shutdown has a trickle down affect to affect college students from participating in a college football game.*

As of now we just wait to see if something gets down and who knows if there will be some exemption made to allow the upperclassmen can travel to Annapolis, Md., to face Navy, or better yet the government can be reopened for business because I really want to see 800 yards of rushing yards between these two teams.

*Yes, I understand there are hundreds of thousands more affected, but we are keeping this conversation to sports.