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PODCAST: Up to date Mountain West expansion info, plus speculation

An hour plus of awesomeness about expansion talk with the latest Mountain West Conference news.


Our first ever live podcast was a huge hit, well after the tech difficulties of Google Plus for video. Loved the interaction in the chat room as we discussed the endless possibilities of Mountain West expansion with San Diego State, BYU and others.

We went through the many possibilities of getting above 12 teams, BYU entering the league on some level, when San Diego State will be in the league and also some randomness stuff. What really would be a podcast without us messing around and going way off topic.

Should also mentioned the show featured Jeremy and Chris per usual, but we also had Kenn Rodriguez on the show. Kenn has been killing it the past week finding anything and everything about expansion rumors, and he is very close to be getting a twitter account. We will make that breaking news once he does.

So, please have listen to our show, and hopefully the expansion talk is worth the 75 minutes of show length.

Listen below, download the show or go get it at iTunes.