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San Diego State removes Big East logo from website

The San Diego State website has removed the Big East logo from their athletic website.

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson has been in contact with San Diego State athletic Jim Sterk "every 20 minutes" when asked on the Tim Brando Show. That is enough news to speculate that a return is very likely to happen for San Diego State.

The latest tidbit that has San Diego State at least leaving the Big East is that no longer has the Big East logo on their website. The other logos still appear as normal on their website, and it is just the Big East one that is missing.

Speculate all you want but that would not be removed if there was some truth to them not going through with the move to the Big East. We all know that the Aztecs have a free pas to leave the Big East since there are no other teams West of the Rockies.

Also, for those skeptical their website did not go under a new design off the website, so fire away at what this really means.