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VIDEO: Craig Thompson discusses Mountain West realignment on Tim Brando Show

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson joins the Tim Brando Show to talk about the latest on conference realignment within the league.

There has been a lot of talk over ever since Boise State decided to remain in the Mountain West, and the most recent talk has revolved around San Diego State and BYU playing in the Mountain West.

Mountain West commissioner Craig Thompson joined Tim Brando Show to discuss the latest news about Mountain West realignment. Thompson did say he preferred to make the Mountain West a very strong 12-team league, and go from there.

While Thompson preferred more geographical conferences, but he did say he wanted to position the Mountain West to be able to become a 14 or 16 team league if it made sense. He also did not dismiss the idea of heading East and adding schools that would be in the Central time zone, and specifically to Texas.

As for San Diego State, Thompson said that he is in constant contact with athletic director Jim Sterk, about "every 20 minutes." The interview did not include anything about BYU joining the Mountain West.