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2013 San Diego State football recruiting: Reuben Foster sticking with the SEC

The nation's top linebacker took a trip to San Diego State, but Reuben Foster is staying close to home in SEC country.

Ruben Foster is the nation's top linebacker
Ruben Foster is the nation's top linebacker
Bud Elliot, SB Nation recruiting

The nation's top linebacker in the country is Reuben Foster, and earlier this week he took a gratuitous trip to San Diego State with a pair of his high school teammates. So it comes as no shock that Foster has narrowed his choices down to three schools, and San Diego State is not one of those schools.

Tim Carter, Foster's high school coach, told that the final list of three includes Auburn, Georgia and Alabama ($):

"He has some really good choices," Carter told Rivals. "Reuben was in Athens last week and they were talking to him about being like Jarvis Jones on defense, getting after the passer. Auburn has a new staff, but he knows the area so well. Alabama has done a nice job too. It's hard to tell right now."

This should surprise no one at all that Foster has axed San Diego State, plus Washington, from consideration. Foster has an Auburn tattoo and a 2-year-old daughter that he wants to be near by.

Sticking in that area means heading to SEC country, and out of those three schools it is going to be a tight race for the five-star recruit. A gut reaction would have Foster head to Alabama and be part of a great defensive unit for the next few seasons.

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