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Fresno State to have many uniform options for 2013 season

Fresno State will have an all-red, black and white uniform combinations for next season.

Via ineeks on instagram

Fresno State joined Nevada in showing a new set of uniforms for the 2013 season. While Nevada released a peak at their new helmets, a Fresno State recruit sent out some photos of new uniforms.

Fresno State will have an option for an all black, red and white uniforms. The white and black helmet combination is new, and the white look is very smooth. There are no photos of what the black helmet will look like, but it is hard to go wrong with black helmets.

The other big change is that Fresno State will have a helmet to feature the old script on the helmet that says Fresno State instead of the bull dog. From the photos, looks like they will only be on the red helmet with white text, however a white helmet with red script would look very sharp. That helmet will probably be a one-time wear for the 2013 season, and with it being a throwback look it probably will be a home game inconjuction with something from their past.

Here is a good look at the white helmet (via Nikko Motta):


Here is a look at the rest of the uniforms: