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Nevada reveals new helmets

Nevada is planning on three new helmet designs for the 2013 football season.

Thearon W. Henderson

As discussed in Sunday's live video show -- wait, you haven't seen it, stop now and go watch -- the Nevada Wolf Pack released a new set of helmets for the upcoming football season.

The change is not all that drastic, as the new helmets have the Wolf Pack instead of the traditional "N." Plus there are three different colors; a white, silver and the navy blue color. There is nothing fancy as gigantic logos nor is there the fad of going with a matte helmet and the best of all they are not a blinding helmet similar to the golden helmets that Baylor just released.

There is no word on what the rest of the uniforms will look like, but it is likely that they will at they least have a the same top and bottoms being the same color as the three helmets.

Here is a look at the three helmets: