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Oregon drops Nevada from 2013 schedule; adds BYU

Nevada got its wish on Monday when Oregon dropped them from the 2013 season in favor of a home-and-home with Virginia.

Thearon W. Henderson

The Nevada Wolf Pack 2013 non-conference schedule was very brutal with games against Florida State, UCLA and Oregon. The Wolf Pack have been trying to move, or drop, the game with Florida State or Oregon to lighten that degree of difficulty, and up until Monday have not been able to.

Oregon agreed to a home-and-home with Virginia, and that is what caused the Nevada game to be dropped. The scheduling change was a chain of reaction events which started when Virginia backed out of their game with Penn State so that they could get the home game against Oregon.

This certainly lightens the load of the Nevada schedule which was going to be probably their toughest non-conference slate, possibly ever. The game with Oregon at first was likely to just be canceled, but it has been announced that the game will now take place at Oregon on Sept. 7, 2019. It is terrible to lose a home game, but by moving this game back out to Oregon will also give Nevada some extra cash.

The replacement game will be hosting BYU on Nov. 30. The two schools also agreed to two more games, one in 2014 and the other in 2019. The only problem with this that somehow Nevada agreed to do a two-for-one with BYU, and that should never have happened. Both teams were desperate for a new opponent, BYU had to either drop or reschedule Hawai'i, and Nevada lost Oregon, both changes came on the same day.

Maybe BYU tried to pull a power play to get Nevada to agree to a two-for-one, and that would not shock me as BYU has said publicly that they do not want a home-and-home with Utah State.