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Hawai'i, BYU drop 2013 game, cancel series

Hawai'i and BYU had to cancel their 2013 game, and the two schools elected to cancel their current agreement.

Brian Losness-US PRESSWIRE

On Monday BYU announced their 2013 schedule and to very little shock Hawai'i was left off of the schedule. The two schools had scheduled a series, and the 2013 game was to be played in Hawai'i on Dec. 7, 2013, However, that was the same date of the new Mountain West title game.

The only option to play the game would have been to move it to Sept. 14, both teams had a bye that week. Instead of moving the game the 2013 game was canceled, and so was the rest of the series. The two schools did say that they will try to work out a schedule in future.

Losing this game is a big deal since BYU and Hawai'i have a long history when the two schools were in the WAC for multiple decades. The good news for Hawai'i is that they do not have to go out and schedule another game, because they already had 13 games on the schedule.

Here is Hawai'i's 2013 non-conference schedule:

08/29 - USC
09/07 - at Oregon State
11/09 - at Navy
11/30 - Army