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Hawai'i, BYU will need to reschedule 2013 game

With the Mountain West title game the same day -- Dec. 7, 2013 -- as BYU vs. Hawai'i, the two schools need to figure what to do.


The Hawai'i Warriors 2013 football schedule is to feature a return trip from the BYU Cougars on Dec. 7, 2013, but with that date scheduled for the Mountain West title game the two schools need to figure out when to play that game, if it all in 2013.

It is too early at this moment to know where the game can be moved to since Hawai'i's conference schedule has not been set up. However, by looking a BYU's schedule we can formulate an idea for a possible date for when the two schools can meet up.

There are three open dates that matchup between the two schools, which are Sept. 14, Sept, 28 and Nov. 2. BYU will need to fill one of those dates with Middle Tennessee State, but that game will not be on Sept. 14 since Middle Tennessee State hosts Memphis that day.

The Sept. 14 date makes a lot of sense for Hawai'i since it will not interrupt conference play, but for BYU they are desperate for games late in the season. Assuming the game is not going to be rescheduled down the road, that Sept. 14 date looks to be a good time to host the game.

Hawai'i athletic director Ben Jay said, " I will have to talk to them (BYU)." With the news just a day old about the Mountain West title game, the two schools probably have not had a chance to have a good discussion on what to do.