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Mountain West has meetings to discuss divisions, scheduling

Small tidbits lead to much speculation. The Star-Advertiser mentions it and it'll be fun to see how the new divisions could play out.

Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Editor's note: Jeremy wrote this article, I'm only posting it.

There was a small tidbit noted in the Warrior Beat blog section from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser about their new athletic direcor Ben Jay heading stateside to participate in league meetings. The get together is to discuss how the 12-team Mountain West will be divided up into a two-divisional format, and to create a schedule.

The divisional lineup will be geographical -- as to not cause too much confusion like the ACC and Big Ten have with fans not knowing division -- with either a North/South or East/West divisional setup.

This has been discussed here on the site a few times, and the best option is an East/West setup. Lets just hope that prevails and that Craig Thompson and others involved in the meeting do not screw this thing up. The league has been on a roll lately in getting things starting their way, so we can only hope that the trend continues.

The meetings will possibly also confirm what has already been known, which is the title game will be hosted at the highest rated Mountain West team. There have been ideas being tossed around like Las Vegas or San Diego. That could make sense -- especially Las Vegas with their new proposed stadium -- but for the next few years home campuses make sense.