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San Diego State to return to Mountain West this week, according to a report

Looks like San Diego State could be returning to the Mountain West prior to the Jan. 31 deadline.


The San Diego St. Aztecs and Mountain West are looking to be inching even closer to reaching an agreement that will have the Aztecs remain in the Mountain West. According to, there is to be a press conference within the next week, maybe two, to announce the move:

With the news that San Diego State and the Mountain West are still in serious discussions, it makes sense that something could possibly done with the next week or two. By announcing this move in that timeframe would be earlier than the Jan. 31 deadline which is the final day before the Mountain West can officially go out and offer a spot in the league to another school.

With the Big East meetings providing virtually no information, at least publicly, it only makes sense that San Diego State would shun their new league in favor of the Mountain West which has a television deal set in place.

This is all what we thought would happen, there would be some postering on both sides, but in the end San Diego State would return to the Mountain West. The Mountain West is just likely letting the Aztecs hang in the wind a bit by dragging this out.