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Boise State reinstates Derrick Marks, others after suspension

Leading scorer Derrick Marks is back after sitting out after being suspended for one game by Boise State.


Boise State will get leading scorer Derrick Marks, as well as reserve Mikey Thompson and backup big man Darrious Hamilton Read when they host No. 19 ranked New Mexico Lobos this Wednesday.

The three players were suspended for one game for the generic violation of team rules. Backup center Kenny Buckner will be missing three total games, and will not return until their Jan. 23 against Fresno State. The exact reason to why Buckner is missing more games has not been made clear.

Head coach Leon Rice made a brief statement after the Wyoming game about the suspension:

"It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make," Rice said. "We have a young team and we're building a program, so one game is not as important as the future of our program. We don't compromise on not doing it right."

There has not been anymore information about the situation outside of saying the length of the suspensions.

Missing the four players did not come back to haunt the Broncos as they were able to deliver Wyoming's first loss of the year on a buzzer-beater shot last Wednesday. Playing New Mexico is much different than Wyoming, plus Boise State will need the extra players as they played just seven in their win over Wyoming.