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NCAA realignment options for Mountain West, Sun Belt, C-USA, Big East

A look at conference realignment options via @ferndog03.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The details of the league configuration is via @ferndog03, so give him a follow and let him know what you think.

Conference realignment is crazy, but also fun to speculate about. That is why @ferndog03 sent me a google doc of projected Mountain West, Big East, Sun Belt and Conference USA league formation. Creating this stuff is fun because there are so many possibilities, and none are as crazy as stuff that is reported. Remember the Pac-16 nearly happened with Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Colorado.

The unique thing that is done in these spreadsheets is that it also includes projected scheduling lineup for the Mountian West teams. It makes sense, even with a pod system for a 16-team league.

Since the layout here does not allow the spreadsheets to be easily viewed without a lot of left to right scrolling, here is a link to view them in a new window. In the new window there are three sheets at the top to cycle through.

First up here is the league scenarios:

Here is the 16-team schedule:

With this 16-team schedule, one can easily swap a pod into yellow and move to another section to see how a schedule would look like. This example gives first four years for a certain pod.

Here is a 14-team schedule: