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San Diego State split 50/50 on Big East, Mountain West

According to San Diego State head football coach, the school is still split on whether to join the Big East and Mountain West.

Leon Halip

The Big East meetings took place on Friday in Dallas, and San Diego State has still not made a decision on their future. The decision about staying in the Mountain West or going to the Big East could still be a few days off, but there were a few comments released from their side.

Rocky Long met with media to discuss his coaching staff and also mentioned that the decision is still 50/50 about their conference affiliation. Long also said that a decision should be made in about a week.

The outspoken Aztec athletic director Jim Sterk also said that a decision would be made in about a week, and the reason he was in Dallas is to get all the details before they make a decision.

The exact details of the meeting are still very limited, outside Big East Mike Aresco and SMU president R. Gerald Turner being very optimistic. With little information out there who knows what San Diego State learned about the Big East television deal, or even the plan of adding teams out West to create a Western Big East division.