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Mike Aresco: Big East has a 'real feeling of unity'

Big East commissioner Mike Aresco felt the the meetings among league members in Dallas were productive.

Stacy Revere

The Big East had their meetings in Dallas on Friday, and the big news that was leaked out that UConn and Cincinnati are reportedly talking with the Mountain West to join the league as a football-only member. However, UConn is denying that they are talking to the Mountain West. Plus, there is the news that the Big East will move forward with or without San Diego State.

However, when Big East commissioner Mike Aresco (anyone want to place bets on how long he keeps that title?) has a very positive attitude after the four-plus hour meeting in Dallas:

"There is a real feeling of unity,"commissioner Mike Aresco said. "All our members were here and we had a very productive dialogue."

Sounds like a spin job there because UConn and Cincinnati have let it be known they prefer the ACC to the Big East, the Catholic 7 just left and then the report about the Mountain West trying to acquire UConn and Cincinnati.

Then there is SMU president who R. Gerald Turner who agrees with Aresco about the league being united and that the instability issues are over.

Hate to rain on your parade president Turner, but San Diego State has yet to make a decision; plus there is the news about Cincy and UConn looking to bolt the Big East. Perhaps SMU is settled in since they want nothing to with the Mountain West, but to say the Big East is finally stable is still a stretch.