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Luke Martinez injury: Wyoming guard broke finger in a bar fight

Wyoming senior guard broke his right ring finger during a bar fight in Laramie.


The Wyoming Cowboys have been without senior guard Luke Martinez for a few days in what was being reported as an undisclosed injury, however on Wednesday news came out that Martinez broke his right ring finger. The injury itself is nothing special, but the way it was sustained as not basketball related.

According to the Laramie police department, Martinez suffered the broken bone in his right hand in a bar fight:

Cmdr. Mitchell Cushman told the Star-Tribune on Tuesday that Martinez, 22, was involved in a brawl at the Buckhorn Bar in downtown Laramie. The fight took place at about 2:30 a.m. [mountain time] on Dec. 30. It involved multiple people; some were injured.

"There was a number of people, and Luke was involved in that fight," Cushman said.

Cushman said multiple participants in the fight fled when police arrived. Martinez, however, stayed and talked with the officer who investigated the incident. Cushman said no charges have or will be filed. He said he had no other information about how the fight started at this time.

Wait a minute! There is a downtown Laramie? I am shocked.

The good news out of this for Wyoming is that Martinez was not arrested, but it is it not known what involvement he had in the fight.

Head coach Larry Shyatt did not want to speculate about what happened, and part of the reason was because he did not have all of the details about the situation.

The timeframe that Martinez will be sidelined is still undisclosed, and losing him showed Thursday night as Wyoming struggled against Boise State.