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Fresno State QB commit Zack Greenlee has shot to start at Under Armour All-America Game

Fresno State commit Zack Greenlee had an up and down day after the first day of practice.

Bud Elliott, SB Nation recruiting

After the first day of practice at the 2013 Under Armour All-America game, the quarterback position for Black Highlight is far from settled. Fresno State quarterback commit Zack Greenlee is on this roster, and after the one practice he has performed well.

The offensive coordinator from Black Highlight is Chris Weinke and he felt that all the quarterbacks on his roster had an up-and-down day after Monday's first practice, but he also was impressed by something from each of the three quarterbacks.

Weinke gave a quick take on all three quarterbacks on his roster ($):

"Really I think Christian Hackenburg is a guy that, right now, has probably shined a little bit more," Weinke said. "Cooper [Bateman] made some good throws in 7-on-7, he stepped up in the pocket in our team drill. Zach [Greenlee] is a more fluid thrower than I anticipated and is a good athlete. I think all-in-all after the first day, as we progress through the week we'll see the guys that rise to the top. But all three have the ability to start for this team."

It is not a shock that all three quarterbacks are still in the running for the starting job for Friday's game, it was just the first practice after all.

Once more practices are conducted there will be a more clear idea of what quarterback will stand out from the rest and earn the nod to be the starter. Having Greenlee start is a big deal since not many Mountain West -- or non-BCS -- schools get a starter in this All-Star game.

The one downside is that other programs will likely start offering Greenlee if he performs well at practices and games. However, Greenlee has been firm on his Fresno State commit, but no other school has offered him.