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Pre Conference Season College Basketball Bracketology

With less than a week left before the MWC season kicks off, UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, Wyoming and Colorado State all find themselves contending for a NCAA Tournament birth.

The non conference season has provided us with a much clearer picture of who's in or who's out.
The non conference season has provided us with a much clearer picture of who's in or who's out.
SB Nation

Two months of college basketball has given us many surprises and many disappointments. The resurgence of basketball in the state of Indiana has been exiting to watch, with Indiana, Notre Dame and Butler being the center of focus, as well as the rest of the Nation transitioning back into the 1980's with powerhouses such as Louisville, Michigan and Kansas all rising to power early in the year. This year is particularity hard to map out, as parity has been evident in the early months of the season, but I'll give my best shot at giving a somewhat "clear" picture of what the bracket will look like in March.

Midwest Regional:


1. Indiana

16. Albany 16. Robert Morris

8. Maryland

9. Wyoming


5. Notre Dame

12. Tennessee 12. Miami (FL)

4. Butler

13. Middle Tennessee State


6. Michigan State

11. Belmont

3. Cincinnati

14. Valparaiso


7. Kansas State

10. Memphis

2. Florida

15. Harvard


South Regional:


1. Louisville

16. Prairie View A&M

8. Colorado

9. Wichita State

Kansas City:

5. Oklahoma State

12. Wisconsin 12. Marquette

4. Missouri

13. South Dakota State


6. New Mexico

11. Oregon

3. Minnesota

14. Western Michigan

Kansas City:

7. North Carolina

10. Saint Louis

2. Kansas

15. Stephen F. Austin


East Regional:


1. Duke

16. Norfolk State 16. Loyola (MD)

8. Temple


San Jose:

5. Illinois

12. Colorado State

4. Georgetown

13. George Mason


6. North Carolina State

11. Iowa State

3. Ohio State

14. Davidson


7. Kentucky

10. Bucknell

2. Syracuse

15. Gardner-Webb


West Regional:


1. Michigan

16. Mercer

8. Pittsburgh

9. Baylor

San Jose:

5. San Diego State

12. Stanford

4. Creighton

13. Saint Mary's (CA)

Salt Lake:


11. Utah State

3. Gonzaga

14. Montana

Salt Lake City:

7. VCU

10. Texas

2. Arizona

15. Cal State Fullerton